Amir Javadinasab is the Co-founder and CEO of Sapient Partners (SP) in Canada, also representing SP in the North American market.

Amir has a truly global perspective, having worked across Australia, Iran, and Canada. He began his career as a sales and marketing executive in the mining and tunnelling industry in Iran, having a variety of leadership positions in different firms. Amir serves on the Board of an Australian company, Golden Trade. He is also Co-founder and General Partner of Simurgh Capital, a private equity fund established in Toronto.

Amir has over 12 years of diversified experience in consulting various types of business transactions and providing solutions for clients across the globe, focusing on business and strategy development, international business, M&A transactions, and private equity. He mainly serves clients in mining, energy, petrochemicals and the food industry.

Amir’s passion for innovation, initiative and executing growth strategies has led to successful development of several partnerships between SP and companies in technology, data solution, trade, and investment.

As much as Amir is committed to his work at SP, he is also volunteering and giving his support to local charities and non-profits. He is a Board member of a charity and non-profits in Australia and Canada. Amir received his MBA and Master of Commerce from RMIT University in Melbourne and mastered his International Business knowledge and skills at Deakin University in Australia. He has also obtained B.Sc. in Mining Engineering, and a certificate in Negotiation and International Business Agreements.

Amir Javadinasab