Sapient Partners’ Services in Canada

Sapient Partners’ services in Canada include financial advisory, business and strategy development advisory, market study and research, branding and social marketing, fund raising and sponsorship.

Sapient Partners serving SMEs and Non-Profits in Canada by:

Business Planning and Due Diligence

Sapient Partners prepare business plan and proposal for many different purposes. SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) need business plan whether they are in start-up stage, have been in business for years, wants to develop their product or service, or if they are looking for investors. For any of those reasons, Sapient Partners will help you to meet your goals, sales targets, or operational milestones. We can help you drive growth, seize opportunities, address issues and threats and connect with consumers.

Performing Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Sapient Partners performs in-depth analysis of your competition and the market our clients operate in. Sapient Partners assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace and we will implement effective strategies to improve your competitive advantage.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Sapient Partners assists its clients to identify innovative ways to market their product and service and selling it to the target audience. We help our clients to adopt new technology, tools, and social media marketing to build new revenue streams, develop successful go-to-market strategies and manage complex new business launches.

Performing Process and Finance Function Review

Cash flow is one of the most challenges SMEs are confronted. Sapient Partners assesses its clients’ financial performances and help them to stay on top of their finances by designing solutions to achieve better budgeting, cost reduction, and invoicing.

Assisting in Capital and debt raising

SMEs need money, irrespective of which stage of business they are. They need fund and finance to start the business, they need money to develop and expand their business, or they need money to start a new project. Sapient Partners ready to help those companies to access required funds through financial institutes, banks, or investors.

Making strategic partner and/or investor introduction

Sapient Partners discovers untapped expansion opportunities in international market for its clients and finds the best strategic partners for them in that market. We also can introduce you to potential investors who are interested in your field of works and may contribute in your business expansion.